Saturday, May 22, 2010

In the Beginning...

I was in hospital with pneumonia when I found out I was pregnant with Sevanna. I had a 5 month old daughter Teigan and 2 older stepchildren at the time.. Sevanna's Story is long, interesting and not always pretty but it is a story of hope for those who have or had babies or children living with CHD.

How it alll started:

After they decided to admit me due to spots on my lungs I was given prednizone & morphine along with a chest X-ray. At the time of the Xray the tech asked me about the possibilty of being pregnant and I laughed at him. I said no way I already have a 5 month old! Well as the day drew on for whatever reason I couldnt shake what the tech had asked and so during a bathroom break I decided to do a test.. or 7 .. all came back positive right away and I just couldnt believe it. I told my nurse and she did 3 more tests just to confirm. From there it was time to get ultrasound involved and thats where I ran into my first problem. I had 2 doctors looking and neither wanted to confirm how far along I was.. I even went thru an internal (OUCH & YUCKY) ultrasound to get a clearer answer. One Dr pegged me at 4 - 6 weeks and the other Dr said 8 - 12. Because they couldnt agree they decided to say I was 5 weeks and told me to carry on from there.

I have diabetes, Poly-cystic ovarian disorder and im obese. I had blown my endcrinologist away by even having my first daughter the previous year as I didnt manage my diabetes (except in pregnancy) and she mentioned until I took care of my health and myself my chance of conceiving was slim to none.. I lost a son on August 1st of 2003 at 22 weeks for this exact reason (not taking care of my health).

I booked a 10 week ultrasound and was dissappointed with how that tech treated me, I didnt get to see the baby on screen and she kept giving me the wierdest looks. Im not one to mince words and she was making me feel uncomfortable so I straight out asked her what the problem was. She asked me how far along I was supposed to be and I said 10weeks 3days. She actually snorted at that point and feeling very miffed I asked again what was wrong. She said honey your more like 14 - 15 weeks along and you need to book into Maternal fetal medicine right away. That meant that 1 doctor who had said I was 8 - 12 weeks had been correct and the "pegging" me at 5 weeks was WAY off...

That was fine by me, I was used to being followed by MFM due to my past pregnancy and the need to especially monitor diabetes in pregnancy. I booked an appt on my 29th birthday for what I thought would be a routine 18 week ultrasound where I would find out the sex and how to manage my insulin intake. Imagine my surprise when again I didnt get to see my baby on the screen or hear its heartbeat.. My Mom & Teigan were with me and I never imagined the terrible news I would get next..

This particular technician also made me worry when after the ultrasound she ran out to consult with the specialist. He came in looked at the pictures and they both dissappered again. About 10 mins later he came back in and this is where her story truly starts.. He said I have some good news and not so good news, which do you want to hear first? I was just in shock so he quietly said the good news is we know the sex.. its a little girl, the not so good news is that we think there is something wrong with her heart.. Again not one to be indirect I said you think or you know? He said we know but what it is is what we are uncertain of..we need to book you in with the inutero dianostic cardiac care team right away so you can make some decisions. I said ok and more appointments were arranged. I left the clinic to go outside to go outside to see my Mom who had my precious 9 month old Teigan and who were both smiling until I saw them and started crying... My Mom asked me what was wrong and I said I couldnt have had a shittier birthday, the baby is another little girl and theres something wrong with her heart. From that day on my whole life changed....

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