Saturday, May 22, 2010

Thinking about you...

How do I remember every emotion, memory and detail?
How can I truly convey through words how amazing you really are?

You were thought of and wanted before I even knew you were on your way
I carried you through more psyhical pain than most ever endure and more emotional pain too...

I have and will continue to move aside the obstacles placed in your way
for through it all you never placed any boundaries on yourself.

Pregnant with you I was a rollercoaster of emotion, I cried, I hurt, I laughed, I was angry, I was confused, I had hope and was hopeless.. I ran the gamit and still do each day...

Holding you I felt love, peace, fear, any feeling out there Im sure I felt it with you and for you.
Seeing you smile, hearing you laugh, smelling you, first words, first steps ~ all that was comfort to me and proof I made the right choice in seeing your journey though. Never for 1 second even knowing your prognosis did I ever think you didn't deserve a chance to live a life no matter how long with hope, passion & dignity.

You make me get up each day and realize how precious children family friends love and blessings really truly are.
You've taught me tenacity, patience, courage, love & wisdom far beyond your years.

You are strength, crazy, beauty, spirit and happiness rolled into a short, chubby bellied, brown haired, blue eyed ANGEL

You are my reason for living .. reason for laughing .. reason for crying.. reason for trying.. You are a hero, a princess, a tomboy, an individual who makes me want to be a better person.

You are Sevanna Faith LoRee Molloy ~ my daughter, my love ~ my LIFE

With more love & thoughts than any words can express,
Your Mom XoXoXoXoXoX <3<3<3

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